October 25th, 2007

Fire select

Pimp your Thompson

And I thought fitting a SA-80 sling was non-obvious - got myself a repro WWII Kerr Nobuckl canvas sling off eBay for the Thompson. Had to stare at two photos and a page from a US Army manual to figure out how to fit it. Thank God for Google.

Just slightly worried - between the Thompson and the AK-47 (got a canvas/leather sling for that too!), my AEG collection's taking a turn towards the retro... Even more worrying, have indeed ordered a VC/NVA cotton AK chest mag rig! Shame it won't arrive in time for this weekend's trip to Ultimate :-( Still, the AK mags I bought off a chap on Airsoft Community arrived as I was leaving this morning :-)

Which reminds me: still no sign of the Mauser stock/holster. Time to give Keith another prod...

Oh well, off to meet pinkdormouse for a drink. By 'Eck, do I need one...

Elizabeth - The Golden Age

Courtesy of the History Channel, I have 2 tickets to a screening of Elizabeth - The Golden Age on 1 November at 6.30pm at the Odeon Surrey Quays. Anyone want the second ticket?

Random catchup things:

Saturday: fenced epée for Saxon at the ULU Team Competition. We came in third but should have made the final - alas, both Grant and I made struggled harder against Gadarski than we should have done. The foilists came in first and the sabreurs fourth so a creditable outing for Saxon. A thought: shame Poly couldn't/didn't field any teams but it also kept my life simple - no need to choose...

Been a grim week so far as a deadline approaches with several late nights. Second week in a row I had to do post-fencing drinks without the actual fencing on Monday. Mind you, the school was closed for half term anyway so even if I'd got out at a decent hour, there'd have been no fencing at Poly.

Still, pleasant drink, dinner and geeky gossip with pinkdormouse - certainly a handy excuse for not getting suckered into staying till 11.00pm at work again...

Right now, batteries are charging up for this Saturday's airsoft and, during dinner, I got a voicemail and SMS from Jo asking if I fancy fencing on Sunday. Oh dear... could be fun but, alas, I have Simon crashing over. Not sure this is going to work :-(