September 30th, 2007


Guns and washing machines

Thursday: both Poly and Saxon were out of action ie no fencing so I headed up to Whetstone to join colonel_maxim, caddyman and ellefurtle for the weekly pop quiz. Rather embarassingly, it opened up with a question I *should* have known the answer to - the title of the new Indiana Jones film...

Muster (Let's do the time warp again, part 1):Collapse )

Did a quick traipse round the local electrical retailers then met mrmrsmith at the Tube Station to go see a couple of airsoft shops doing final pre-VCR Act Realistic Imitation Firearms regs Sunday openings.

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Let's do the timewarp again, part 2
Learned from aeshna_uk it's sushi time again tomorrow. The reason I didn't know was apparently the email was sent to my old Cix address (which was cancelled back in Nov 2005). Also a bit of a small world surprise to learn aeshna_uk was on Cix too!

Let's do the time warp again, part 3
Despite much searching, it looks like, somehow, PocketLJ has launched a post I did about my Birthday into the void. Guess I'd better try and reconstitute it from memory.
Looi Kin-Ming

Countdown commencing...

Birthday thoughts (reconstructed from memory as the original post made with PocketLJ seems to be MIA):

Bit of a low-key one this year. It just didn't feel all that significant in its own right, more an alarm to tell me I have one year to go to the big 4-0. Guess this means I have a year to sort out how I'm going to commemorate it (really not sure the U-boat trip is really feasible...).

Still, met aeshna_uk for a delightful dinner at Gaucho's Picadilly Circue - steak and caipirinha. Place seems to be a lot posher than when I last went there - leather coverings lining the old arches in the basement. The place has also expanded out from the basement into what used to be a not especially great Tex-Mex place. Also now have another pair of neat cufflinks to add to the collection :-)