September 16th, 2007


Poly's back

Firstly, a photo sent to me by one of the Norfolkes, from Lulworth:

Been an interesting week: Poly Fencing Club started up again on Monday in the new premises. Went pretty well for a first night back after a year or so. Had the distinction of getting the first epée bout, along with Kate who also managed to bag the first foil (and first overall) bout in the new place. The caretaker even found us better storage facilities after deciding our initially allocated space was too inconvenient.

Got up way too early for a Saturday to get to Sunningdale Station with DPMs, SA80, PLCE webbing etc to meet Nick, Cookie and the rest of the cast and crew for Nick's short film. When Nick said his father-in-law had arranged a piece of land for the filming, I really wasn't expecting some massive private estate with loads of horses and a clubhouse with a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine on display in the corner. Also very impressed with the sheer amount of Soldier 95 kit (DPMs, webbing and even kevlar helmets) Cookie was able to bring along, even enough to kit me out as my stuff is Soldier 90. Anyway, got filmed for several hours doing patrol and other maneuvres - quite a bit of fun and can't wait to see how it turns out!

EDIT: Group photo:

Then dashed back to London to for Pat's farewell dinner - met her and various Norfolkes in Finsbury Park for a very pleasant evening. Ended up having Mark, Frances and Simon crashing over but, fortunately, had anticipated this as a possibility and had got the very worst of the mess shoved away (place was still a pigsty though...) and, today, Mark, Frances and I caught up with colonel_maxim for brunch, a few drinks and much pleasantly geeky and largely historical chat (e.g. description of George IV as the first middle-class monarch, the Stuarts as Worst. Dynasty. Ever., toasts to Tumbledown Dick for choosing a peaceful transition to the Restoration etc)

Decided not to go for a final HK airsoft gun order in the end - figured I didn't actually want an AK-47 or M-14 that badly and that the main motivation was more a desire to stick two fingers up to the government - not really a good enough reason. Will probably still put an order in to RSOV though, as there's still some accessories and other bits I fancy.

I was going to put in an order for the Kuomintang kit from eBay but noticed the shop's Chinese insignia section was missing. Have fired off a quick email - just hope it's only a temporary glitch...

Been watching 28 Weeks Later. Passable but no surprises or twists, just all rather predictable.