August 19th, 2007

BSG dogtag

Galactica 3

So, Galactica 3: the event I bailed on the multi-period muster at Kelmarsh for. An inauspicious start: as work had been rather hectic, I'd still not finished packing by Friday evening so I got to Heathrow rather late. Fortunately, the meet and greet was running even later!

Still, overall, a very pleasant, very small (~200 people) event. Something of a surprise: we thought Brian/Wolf Events was giving up running cons but he announced G4 and, lemming that I am, I signed up: I am registrant number 13!

Anyway, highlights:
  • Discovering Leah Cairns was a self-described BSG geek, to the extent of asking if the papers from the BSG conference were available and saying she gave new cast members grief if their knowledge of the programme was lacking!
  • Some very interesting comments from Alessandro Juliani about Gaeta, his "man crush" on Baltar, subsequent disillusionment and sense of betrayal and some interesting hints about his direction for the fourth season
  • Does every cast member do impressions of Edward James Olmos?!
  • An utterly hilarious Who's Line Is It Anyway-style script reading with all four guests
  • Seems like the uniform still attracts a lot of attention but, then again, this was the first actual BSG event I'd worn it to!
  • Shame the uniform buttons I ordered off eBay didn't arrive in time
  • Nick and Rosalind, who I deeply envy for their massive collection of SF military uniforms, were also in BSG uniforms - actually expected more of us. Nick's impression of Bitter Post-New Caprica Tigh, complete with bottle of appalling rotgut whiskey, was superb
  • Got taken to task by a girl who I'd apparently talked to at Collectormania GMEX but needless to say, I had no recollection of this!
  • As Bryan Adams' Summer of 69 started up, another to me: "Oh my God, you're not going to dance to that, are you?" Me: "That's a matter of some debate"
  • Especially great having a long catchup with ysrith
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Looi Kin-Ming

In a big country dreams stay with you...

Thanks to a totally random person on Facebook, I've learned Big Country are touring again, obviously without Stuart Adamson. As I never got to see them before his untimely demise and I thus assumed I never would, I am so tempted to try to get to one of their performances.

Oh Lord where did the feeling go?
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