August 17th, 2007

Looi Kin-Ming

Back from the dead

Jeez. Where's the last few weeks gone?!
I assumed the question was rhetorical, my Lord.
Never assume anything, Gisburne, apart from an occasional air of intelligence.

So, the BSG conference: very interesting in a weird sort of way. Discussion style was very different to fan-based ones. Definitely learned a few new words! Had one amusing moment with one presenter who was most puzzled that I wasn't an academic of any sort. "So what on Earth are you doing here?" "I'm a geeky fanboy!" Great too to catch up with rozk

Rushed back to London to see The Men They Couldn't Hang at the Spitz Club but, alas, the PA system blew and the replacement was crap: too loud and indistinct. So much so that Kate and Simon bailed. However, having much less sensitive hearing and knowing pretty much all the lyrics, I stuck it out to the bitter end. I'd tried to persuade aeshna_uk to come along but probably just as well I failed: it'd have been a seriously crap introduction to TMTCH...

Next day: down to Guildford with Saxon for a 3-weapon team competition. Could have done better, quite frankly. Even got my butt kicked twice by Gareth Thomas (think it's a different one though, unless Blake's regenerated into a top U17 UK men's epéeist!).

Following Friday: down to Brick Lane for a curry with aeshna_uk. Went to the Standard: pretty good but my Jalfrezi was a bit mild for my tastes.

Weekend: down to Horsham to see findo, David and Karen for a weekend of laid-back geeking out, during which I got myself a copy of Guitar Heroes 2. OK, I suck at it but... BWAHAHAHA!!

The week following proved rather hectic but still managed to get to the Great British Beer Festival on the Wednesday with Roger, Pete and Kate. Shame I couldn't organize things better: Nick, ULU fencing club and kalivor all went on other nights. Still, another pint glass for my collection and I wasn't in Manila.

Last weekend: Galactica 3 but I think that will have to keep till next post!