June 27th, 2007


Amateur Transplants, caipirinhas and books

Remember Amateur Transplants, the guys who did that rather rude, crude (and funny) London Underground song? Well, they're playing in London next Wednesday and Thursday at the New Players Theatre near Embankment! See here for more details.

Went to Cafe Pacifico near Covent Garden with aeshna_uk on Monday. I'd said it'd been ages it'd been ages since I'd been to a Tex-Mex. Good recommendation. Excellent spicy steaks. Hell, they even served caipirinhas!

On the work front, due to client reorganisation, looks like my team has to relocate from Canary Wharf to Lewisham. Well, actually, we don't all have to go but it struck me as making little sense to have us split between the two sites. The client people we're working with have to move part of their team down there too but looks like they're going to have some sort of rota. Still, after talking to my Programme Manager, looks like I have a partial Get Out Of Jail Free card in that I'm expected to show my face around Canary Wharf from time to time as part of relationship management. Sounds good to me ;-)

Right, books I have been reading lately:
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