June 6th, 2007

Looi Kin-Ming

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Wow. It has been a while since last update.

Pre-Decalogy period is now a bit of a blur. Recollections:
  • Not being so grumpy after all about missing Late May Bank Holiday muster given the weather.
  • Meeting aeshna_uk for a drink and wondering why the pub was so crowded. Answer: Champions' League final. Doh! Still, decamping to a nearby restaurant for dinner wasn't exactly a hardship...
  • Getting a lesson from my mother on sewing machine, use of
  • Buying loads of sad shit off eBay e.g. Royal Saudi Air Force officers' cufflinks, CADPAT holster and brassard, Singaporean Army MP uniform (OK, so that was Yahoo auctions...), Malaysian army cammies etc
  • Discovering my colleagues in the US face mandatory fingerprinting and drug testing from the client. A silly thought at the time "Q3. What are the differences between Colombian and Bolivian cocaine?" UK client people's reaction: surprise and shock at their North American counterparts ("You'll find we tend not to trample your civil liberties here")

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Decalogy stuff will follow. Short version: fun but a bit of a shambles from a personal organisation perspective.

Post-con, parents have gone home and house is awfully quiet once more. Just a lot tider now. Soon fix that...
  • My employers have shipped me a new laptop as part of the integration/IT migration process. Good news: new laptop. Bad news: it's going to be a lot more tightly locked down than my current one. Sigh.
  • Off to Upnor Castle in Kent this weekend for another muster. Hmm... pike or musket? :-)
  • Rather liked the last 2-part Doctor Who. Collapse )
  • Scary realisation: ~1.5 weeks before Malta!

Currently reading Fiasco, by Thomas E Ricks, about war in Iraq. A truely terrifying account of how it was botched from the start. The book hasn't even got to the start of the war yet but, nonetheless, I find it hard not to smirk at the news the I Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been sentenced to 30 months in prison because of the CIA leak affair.

And,lastly, a somewhat belated Happy Birthday to aeshna_uk!