March 27th, 2007

ARVN Ranger

Miscellaneous post

Not going to fence at ULU tonight: got some docs I need to work on this evening. Still, it'll give me a chance to watch the BSG season finale over dinner.

A few random things:

One important difference I have recently discovered between US and UK Vietnam re-enactors: UK ones have blank-firers (ie can't fire real ammo) and maybe airsofts. US ones seem to have real weapons fitted with blank adaptors. Scary...

Photos from the trip to the Imperial War Museum

One thing I forgot about the pub meet. At one point we were discussing Primeval and the issue of the charms of Abbi versus Claudia came up. I cast my vote in Claudia's favour. burntcopper who had not actually seen the programme immediately asked "Is she a redhead?" OK, busted again...

House guttering and window frames need work. £900 worth. Ouch.