March 22nd, 2007


Ready Steady Cook from Tuesday 20 March?

Bit of a long shot but did anyone record Ready Steady Cook on Tuesday and is able to make a copy of it for me (all expenses reimbursed, naturally)? Apparently it featured Jim Philbin - a former fencing coach of mine!
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Random stuff

Met Stuart and pinkdormouse for beers at De Hems and then dinner at Signor Zilli's last night: A most enjoyable evening of boozy, geeky discussion.

Liz forwarded me a news item about a camouflage exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, correctly surmising it'd of interest. As plans to go see the Chinese Gods thing at the British Museum have been put back a week and I haven't received any callup from ULU for London League, I might pop along to see it on Sunday. Wonder if it will include Nintendoflage?

Yet another pub-lic service announcement: next Beer and Blake's 7 meet will be Thursday 5 April (rather than the usual Friday as it's Easter Bank Holdiay weekend) at the Knights Templar on Chancery Lane from 7.15 onwards. Go bug gaspode, of this parish, for more details ;-)