March 14th, 2007

God of Gamblers

Pissup in a brewery

Alas, not for me though. Went on the Saxon trip to Rebellion brewery in Marlow, organised by Ed's who's Friend/member of the brewery, picking up Paul and Grant en route. As I was driving, I was on tasting measures but that was enough to appreciate some of their range. The Mutiny and Deserter were especially nice, wasn't so keen on the IPA; concensus was that it had been served too cold.

Wasn't *just* a drinking session: Interesting talk on the brewing process, history of the brewery and indeed the brewing industry in the area and the country as a whole. Since I couldn't fully appreciate the beer there, I acquired a sample pack and would have got another but discovered the guys had got me another as a thank you for driving them which I thought was a very nice gesture.

Had a rather more packed car on the way back, with addition of people who'd headed up by train, and dropped them all off in the Ealing area. Some very weird topics of discussion in the car, mainly about the successive waves of migration/invastion of Britain (who invaded which part of Britain, who was responsible for all the ginger haired people etc!). It was starting to sound like a replay of a game of Brittania...

All in all, a pretty enjoyable evening. Reminded me that I occasionally think about wanting to organise a pissup in a brewery - it's a weird management consultant thing...

Also started looking at various sources of cheap airsofts for tagging up. Lead candidate right now (apart from the broken SA-80, that is) would be maybe an M-4 or M-16 with a M-203 (the grenade launcher attachment would be a great place to mount a 40mm lens unit) - wasn't too keen on M-4s for airsofting because of the short barrel but that doesn't matter with lasertag - or perhaps a G-36.

After experiences at Elite Epsom and Fort Widley, I have also now mounted a pressure switch torch on the AUG. It's just too heavy to hold with one hand while I operate a torch with the other for any extended period. Guess I need to look at a mount for the SA-80 for the same reason. Also been checking into pricing for lo-cap mags too.