March 9th, 2007


Caipirinhas, fajitas and fencing

Met Liz for Caipirinhas and fajitas at La Perla last night (note: for the avoidance of doubt, just in case it's not clear from the context, this is La Perla, the Tex-Mex bar/restaurant in the Covent Garden area, not the purveyors of ladies undergarments [one is given to understand]). Weird thing: seems we were both thinking the same thing. We, as in a bunch of us, mostly from my MBA class, used to go there and to Gaucho's pretty damned frequently (I am blamed for introducing them to the joys of caiprinhas) but we're now rather scattered: Andy's in Stockholm, Ursula's in Sydney, my sister's in Melbourne etc. Furthermore, she pointed out it'd been ages since we went out together in Central London, rather than Finchley Road or Finchley where we live "We've become old and middle-aged!" Hard to argue with that one.

And that is how I come to have agreed to meet for dim sum in Chinatown next Sunday. I am so screwed. Banana that I am, I know jack shit about good dim sum places... Oh well, it can't be any worse than the alternative of getting up for an 8.30am checkin for the foil at the Invicta in Canterbury so I can get a good kicking.

Also, to anyone reading who was at the January Shakespeare Head pub meet: I think we're going soft. Despite having met us, she's expressed a desire to come to another one. Obviously not enough slash discussion going on at the time... Then again, she was chasing me for season 3 BSG episodes so maybe she's just on the verge of crossing the line and becoming one of us...

Lastly, she was also trying to talk me into joining her on a trip to Mexico in June. Gah. Under other circumstances, I'd have loved to but it just ain't gonna happen, what with Malta and Beltring this year.

Fencing tonight at Saxon went remarkably well, especially given I was initially worried I appeared to be the only epéeist present. Fortunately, they did show and, as it turned out, I ended fencing far more bouts in the evening than I normally manage, starting off with 5 in a row and, yet, amazingly, I won all my bouts this evening and don't even feel especially tired. Weird. Just hope it holds till next Saturday...

One complication is next Tuesday is Saxon's trip to the Rebellion brewery. Now, the sensible thing to do would be to pass and fence at ULU instead. However, a) it's not clearly how big a difference one extra session will make to my performance at Canterbury and b) I suspect my plan to go see The Men They Couldn't Hang and quaff much Murphy's the night before may be the dominant factor here so I've agreed to join the Saxon guys for the brewery trip, God help me... Besides, if I really want another pre-Invicta session, I suppose I could go to London Thames on Wednesday. Just hope I don't end up being a living demonstrator of the fencing mask/strainer effect at Canterbury on Saturday!

Dumbass things a guy could try: Nokia's new downloadable self-service mobile phone firmware upgrade application. Fortunately, it all went without a hitch and my N80 has brand new firmware. Now, to see if there's actually any appreciable difference...

Oh, and lastly, Oblivion-wise, Mehrunes Dagon has had his ass handed to him and the main quest solved. However, no signs of an early escape for me as I'm now hip-deep in the Knights of the Nine main quest.