March 6th, 2007


BSG button order

OK, I'm planning on putting the order in sooner rather than later, most likely this weekend. So, anyone who wants any (or indeed, anything else from Costumebay), please let me know by, say, Sunday evening and I'll put it in when I get back from Fort Widley.

Other things:
  • Got another Amazon voucher and I still haven't spent last one yet. And Amazon (well, Halifax really) has also raised my credit limit by another £1.5k! I guess I'd better put in my latest expenses claims ASAP then...
  • Prompted by a post by nightxade: Which X-Men have not died or been presumed dead at some point?
  • All efforts to resume watching SG-1 and Atlantis have bogged down spectacularly at around episodes 12-13 for both. Every time I put an episode on, I just seem to lose the will to live.