January 30th, 2007



On Saturday, I stopped by at Tottenham Court Road en route to LOTNA, mainly to pick up the week's new comics but also discovered Virgin selling Warhammer 40K: Winter Assault and Oblivion cheap. You can guess the rest.

LOTNA was pretty enjoyable. It seemed to be noted that I'd not only managed to make two meets in a row but that was also *all* LOTNA meets this year so far. Pub service is becoming increasingly shoddy though and stock seems to be an issue for them.

Sunday: as expected, most of the day vanished but not, as I expected, in the service of the Emperor against the forces of Chaos but with Oblivion. Bloody Hell, it's good: extremely immersive. The attention to detail is incredible, right down to the way the grass and plants sway in the wind. Huh. Diablo II was probably the last D&D-style game that grabbed me (Jade Empire appealled mainly due to its novel Kung Fu fantasy background). Must admit, I also had a brief moment of geek pride when the hardware test reported recommended default quality setting was Ultra High ;-) (bit disappointed though that, so far, I've only managed a ~15% overclock on the X2 4800 compared with ~40% on the Opteron 165). Only irritating thing so far: can't fight on horseback. Have to dismount to kill anything. Bah. Overall though, looks like Oblivion is a fair description of what's going to happen to my spare time...

Other thing on Sunday: finally had conclusive proof that there was a rodent resident in the kitchen (I'd thought previously I'd spotted something small and brown running out of the corner of my eye) so popped out to hardware store to get a poison trap. It then occured to me that maybe a mouse dying in some inaccessible area wasn't that pleasant a prospect so went back on Monday to the store, much to the amusement of the staff who were helpfully suggesting guns and Polonium... Anyway, got a couple of live capture traps and, sure enough, Monday evening, one trap had been triggered. A small brown mouse has now been evicted and dumped near the park but have left other trap just in case it wasn't alone. My sister's since asked if it was cute and suggested I should have put it into her old gerbil cage!

My Media Centre and Saitek Eclipse II keyboards arrived this morning. Not tried out the MCE one yet but the Eclipse II looks pretty nifty, especially the choice of backlight colours :-) Well, time to see if I do indeed come to miss the clicky feel of the IBM keyboard!