January 5th, 2007

Looi Kin-Ming

Back to "normal"?

Back to work. Sigh. Still, at least my current work commute is to walk upstairs to the loft. Possibility of more time in Reading, also working on proposal which could mean 50% time in Finland for a months. Is it wrong to find 50% in Finland more appealling than 100% in Reading?

Wednesday: went to Farscape meet at the Horseshoe Inn. Quiet affair, just the 4 of us but a pleasant evening's conversation over a few beers. Was a bit distracted for a while because I was trying to decide if a woman there playing darts might have been a top UK epéeist...

Thursday: first night back at fencing at Saxon since well before Christmas. Again, bit quiet. Guess people still off for Christmas. Probably just as well, given my state of fitness and practice. Weird thing was that 3 of my 4 opponents were left-handers who normally did foil rather than epée!

Have also resumed building the MCE PC. No exploding PSU this time, thing's still running. Must say, I'm pretty impressed with Media Centre and the associated remote control. The really tricky bit is still to come though: fitting a WinTV PVR 350, hooking it up to TV and Sky+ box and training the remote to control both. Still, at least the cables I cobbled together for the current living room PC should also work with the new one. Am also thinking about putting the recently replaced 5.1 speaker set into the living room and hooking it up to the PC since I can't see any obvious way of putting PC 5.1 sound output into the TV via a SCART socket (just 2-channel stereo...).