December 22nd, 2006


Again with the dead hard disk?

I don't bloody believe it. I think I've finally worked out the cause of the PC lock ups I've been getting after copying about 300Gb worth of data back onto the RAID-5. One of the drives that was sent to me to replace the DOA ones is in turn defective, "Excessive shock", according to Hitachi's drive fitness test. Do Citylink play rugby with these drives or something. Just waiting for the DFT on the other drive to complete before I call Scan. I think this time I'll take them up on the refund for the defective drive - no way they'll get me a replacement unit before Christmas break is over. Guess I pop down to Tottenham Court Road and see if I can get one down there. I know PC World will have them but I'd just as soon not pay their prices... Sigh. Guess my plans for much online carnage and burning of China Beach DVDs will have to slip a bit.

  • Spent yesterday and today trying to finish off documentation on financial model and implementation plan to close off my bit of the project. Scary how much implicit knowledge there is in these things.
  • The Team Sheep beers proved to be just me and lapinenoireuk for various reasons but we nonetheless more than achieved the objectives of meeting up to drink beer and "talk total sh*te / and plan global domination" or at least analyse other people's efforts at global domination ;-)
Looi Kin-Ming

Pub meet 26 Dec, Shakespeare Head

Just in case I wasn't the only one who didn't get the text from Jo (did get the one with the ultra early heads up about the BBQ next August though!), have learned there's London/Starfury/con pub meet on 26 Dec at the Shakespeare Head.
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