December 21st, 2006


Almost free!

The things we do for lovemoney. Late night getting ready for final presentation. Dinner was greasy pizza at the office and limped home at 1.30am, up again a few hours later to get back to the office. Shit. I probably spent more time travelling home and back to work again than I did sleeping...

Still, presentation's done, a day or so's follow-up to wrap up and thus ends another project. Phrases one doesn't hear in meetings quite often enough: "It's time to shit or get off the pot"

Plan on making up for lost time, booze-wise

Tonight (Wednesday): team end of project piss-up with client guys at the Santa Fe in Reading. With a name like Moosehead, it had to be a Canadian beer. Also had a nostalgia attack and had some Cusqueña Peruvian beer too but highlight was definitely a caipirinha with a good, if somewhat rarer than expected, steak. Hmm... must make a return trip to the Gaucho Grill ASAP.

  1. Thursday: West End pub crawl with Team Sheep.
  2. Friday: May have finished in Reading but could well be back to meet up with some 'softer and re-enacter friends for a piss-up.
  3. Saturday: Horizon reunion/Christmas bash at the Supreme Commander's. Unlikely to involve much or anything in way of booze though.
  4. Monday: Christmas Day at colonel_maxim's

"Mom, PC's being a dildo!"
File transfer back to Behemoth following the RAID-5 setup was going well till Monday night when the screen started freezing after just a few minutes and then requiring a hard reset. Not clear what the cause might be, so much is new (e.g. X2 4800, RAID-5 config, individual drives, graphics drivers, Sound Blaster X-Fi, new XP install etc) but have drawn up plan of action to try to isolate the cause.

Things I want to do over Christmas break:
  1. Get Behemoth stable again!
  2. Resume authoring China Beach DVDs
  3. Build that new Media Centre PC

Speaking of Christmas, been a bit crap. Between work and feeling a tad grotty over the weekend, missed the deadline for sending Christmas cards. Damn.
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