December 3rd, 2006

B5 crest

Bashes and PC frustrations

Decided to skip fencing on Thursday to go to the Rubus reunion drinks. Interesting contrast with the Renaissance bash a short while back. Fun to catch up with them but somehow I didn't feel quite the same bind to them. Guess it's what comes of only having been there just over a year and it being a larger company - quite a few people I didn't recognise! Still, turns out a number of them are active in the telecoms area so it was also a productive night from a professional perspective.

Friday: Went to the B7 pub meet. Bit of excitement at first as the Cittie of Yorke had been booked for a Christmas party so we decamped to the Knight Templar. Worth it just to go to a pub with that name ;-) Usual fun evening of geeky conversation. One weird thing - apparently one of the LOTNA contingent present commented the B7 group were geeks but they weren't. Huh? We're all geeks and I'm proud of it!

Saturday: started trying to rebuild PC. Fitting the X2 4800, amazingly, proved to be the easiest part. Turns out *both* the two 250Gb drives I'd ordered were DOA! Working all this out took me a while as I couldn't believe Scan could have shipped me two duff drives. Gah.

Gave up headed into town. Stopped by at Wolf Armouries to take a look at the King Arms FN FAL airsoft. It does look and feel very nice. Very long though, makes my M-16 look like a CQB weapon! Damn near bought one but, with the benefit of hindsight, that was the right thing to do
  1. Need to ensure I can get hold of a L1A1 SLR foregrip first - got no real interest in a plain FN FAL as such
  2. Wolf only had a small number of low-cap magazines so even if I'd got one, it'd have been no use for skirmishing in the short term

Was tempted to go home after that and resume combat with the PC but decided to stick to original plan to head over to a B5 meet at the Jugged Hare in Victoria (which, coincidentally, we used to occasionally go to when I was working round that area). Another fun geeky evening (seems I'm not alone in not having got round to unwrapping my copy of Legend of the Rangers) but also included a fair bit of discussion of serious topics like UK telecoms markets and US politics and foreign policy although I must admit that was mostly my fault...

Another interesting discovery - the Jugged Hare (and, presumably, other Fullers pubs) are now stocking a pear cider called St Helier - very similar in taste to Kopparburg. Also had a small world moment - bumped into a chap from last Stargate con (can't remember his name offhand but he was the tall bald guy dressed in various Russian uniforms) who was there for a Christmas bash!

Have concluded that Torchwood has a lot to answer for - 7 years I've had the big blue PLA coat without provoking much comment and now, people at both the B5 and B7 meets said I'm looking very Captain Jack in that coat (er... PLA, not RAF...). On Saturday someone even decided she had to have photos taken of her in the coat, never mind it looked like a tent on her!

Today - more fiddling with PC. Even picked up another from PC World and, yep, it works fine so it's definite that Scan have shipped me two DOA drives. Time for irate phone call in the morning...