October 20th, 2006


Pleasantly tired

Good night's fencing at Saxon last night. Felt a bit weird initially though as it's the first time in ages I was there without either Jo (moved to Exeter) or Kate (not feeling too well). Still, lot of epéeists; good, hard fights. Now makes 5 bouts in a row I've lost 15-13 to Gordon. Way too consistent - starting to suspect he's toying with me! Would appear to have been assimilated too as I got asked to help put kit away afterwards. Was terribly stiff all over this morning though but strangely pleasantly so. Just hope it passes before Sunday and the Bedford Open.

The new car stereo's proving very nice indeed. Rather like the way it plays MP3s off a CD-R - burned a disc full of The Men They Couldn't Hang albums for outward journey to Saxon, had MP3 jukebox on random play on way back. Very nice indeed.
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