October 18th, 2006


Short notice: Pub meet this Saturday

Just learned from lissy111 that there will be a con/fan pub meet this Saturday. Same Bat-time, same Bat-place: Shakespeare Head in Holborn, noon onwards.

Not sure just how bright this is for me as I'm off to the Bedford Open epée the next morning...

Ah well, last night's fencing at ULU was good fun (I now also have an associate membership card, complete with really crap photo), mainly because this epéeist (from Imperial, I'm told, yay!) came along, decked out in his GBR stripes and proceeded to give us all a good kicking, by God, he was fast! Hell, I'm damned proud to have held him to 15-13 (best result of the evening, apparently...). Another good thing, apart from the hard fight, was that he was very good about offering feedback too. And new piece of US vocab, learned from one of the beginners: seems the American for fencing breeches is "knickers"! :-O

Also discovered the union bar serves Brahma, a Brazilian beer I drank quite a bit of when visiting my parents out there. Must try it next week, just hope it proves better than my brief re-acquaintance with San Mig! Couldn't help noticing the bar area also had a cocktail/juice bar! What is the student body of this country coming to?!? Still, means I can grab a caipirinha next week (alas, they closed early last night...).