October 9th, 2006

Looi Kin-Ming

Relaxing weekend

Unusual thing for me: had nothing scheduled for the weekend - no cons, fencing competitions, pub meets or similar.

Well, apart from the B7 pub meet on Friday evening. Smaller numbers than usual (if I can use that word given my sporadic attendance) but probably just as well as the usual tables had been reserved by another party so space was at a bit of a premium. Discussion was a fair bit more B7-focused for a change, probably due to the relaunch of the Horizon website.

Picked up Kate's foil from Leon Paul and headed down the road to Oriental City for lunch and to restock on essentials like chilli and soy sauce. Was also terribly tempted by the Chinese swords the martial arts centre had...

Then headed into town for a wander round Tottenham COurt Road/Oxford Street. Observations:
  • Looks like my most recent bout of addiction to the X-Men has been broken. Been some 8 weeks since I bought any now and still felt no urge to do so, even when in FP or Orbital. Thought: latest bout commenced with the X-Men 1 film and seems to have ended after seeing X-Men 3. Coincidence? Well, XM3 was a bit crap...
  • Think I have a plan for the XP3000 and all those still perfectly serviceable bits from my last upgrade - stick them into one of those SilverStone HTPC cases, set it up under XP Media Centre and put it into the living room
  • Weird that nobody (Game, HMV, Virgin, CEX etc) had a copy of Dead or Alive 4

Evening spent watching all the Galactica webisodes in one go, followed by the season premiere. Even sadder, burned a DVD of all the webisodes, plus recent BSG documentary and the "The Story So Far" compilation! No spoilers but, bloody Hell, that was intense, not to mention thought provoking - it's certainly provoked a lot of discussion online. Looking very good for season 3, especially after some comparatively weak episodes in second half of last season. And I want more right the Hell now, Goddammit!

Quick expedition down to Camden Market looking for a suitable olive drab ripstop shirt for a Galactica utility uniform. Unsuccessfully, alas. Still, always fun to wander round there. Yet again, no temptation to buy any X-Men, even when in Mega City Comics. Still eagerly awaiting Planetary though.

Spent evening round at Liz's, watching season 2 BSG episodes (The Farm, Home, Final Cut) over pizza. Seems she's been raving about BSG to her friends and starting to understand that uncomprehending stare from mundanes... I did offer to leave the season 2 discs behind but she declined as, if I did, she'd watch them and she has a dissertation to finish!

Been playing Dead Rising on the Xbox 360. Love the idea: survive for 72 hours in a massive shopping mall crawling with zombies, rescuing survivors, uncovering the story and taking photos (yes, really!), and it is mostly enjoyable but, bloody Hell, much swearing at how stupid some of the survivors you encounter are! Starting to think they deserve to get eaten!

Well, have been invited to ULU Fencing Club social this evening. Am tempted to go along just to scare the freshers. "Yes, in a decade or two, you could end up like me! BWAHAHAHA!!!"
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