October 6th, 2006


Old friend, new fencing club

My re-engagement with B7 fandom continues: Met Nicola for lunch on Wednesday. Scary thing is we recalled exchanging phone messages about a year back when she changed jobs but never actually caught up while the last time we could recall actually meeting up face-to-face was for the season 1 DVD launch at the London Film and Comic Con, so 2004? Needless to say, much catching up involved and scary realisations about how long we'd known each other, been involved in B7 fandom etc....

Went fencing at Wimbledon with in the evening Kate - all part of a general survey of London clubs, just in case the worst come to the worst with Poly and grief with University of Westminster about venues. Pleasantly surprised to see Trevor and Ach there too. Good venue - big hall, some very good fencers but maybe not as many electric pistes on as I would expect given their numbers. Biggest problem, however, is location. Trip to pick up Kate wasn't too bad, as I expected, about 45 mins instead of the 30 predicted by GPS and AA because of time of day. Next leg, to Wimbledon was predicted as about the same time but worked out at over an hour! Should have known better, given the stretch on the A205. I'd like to go back (Jes coaches there as well as at Poly) but will have to find a quicker route there. Also somewhat bemused at the surprisingly long drive from the school venue to the pub for a drink. Started to wonder if it was some sort of strange club initiation rite - take the FNGs into the middle of nowhere and dump them...

Now got to try to arrange a friendly match between Wimbledon and Poly.

Last night: went to Saxon. One problem with fencing on consecutive evenings - not much time to get kit dried out in between. Most interesting thing of the evening: we appear to have been naturalised by the Saxon guys. A couple of weeks back, they'd started to suggest that, given the number of times we'd been showing up, we ought to consider joining rather than coming as visitors. Subject was raised again but because they have a match coming up at the end of the month at Eton and they'd like us to fence for them but we'd have to be members!

This on top of Graham pressing me to sign up at ULU. Heh. Nice to be wanted, I suppose...

Given how stiff I'm feeling this morning, probably just as well I wasn't able to make fencing at ULU (still amused at the "exclusive West End club" description - mostly from the idea of describing anything student-based as "exclusive" :-)) on Tuesday as planned.

Unrelated: despite only flying back from Austria on Saturday, Liz is most anxious to pop over and start viewing BSG 2.5 episodes! Meanwhile, am eagerly awaiting grabbing 3x01 tomorrow morning. Now have a complete set of the Resistance webisodes - time to watch it in one sitting.

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