September 22nd, 2006


"I've had no treatments, my memory is fine!"

Following the re-launch of the Horizon website, getting tapped to be a moderator on its forums and chatting to Kate about re-watching Blake's 7, I started this evening with The Way Back, over a pizza and a bottle of Broadside. Bloody Hell, I'd forgotten how good it was. Drugged populations, massacred dissident prisoners, routine memory alterations, rigged trials, faked convictions for child molesting, extrajudicial killings and that was just the first episode. Great line from Spacefall, to persuade a prison ship guard to open a door: "Look, we only need the hand. If you want to stay attached to it, do as you're told." :-) Never mind Trek, now here's a proper Federation!

Dear Lord, I could see myself registering for Redemption or Star One next year, at this rate...

Met Kate, Jo and Gary for a lunchtime trip to Leon Paul (had an epée to be rewired, needed a new body wire), via John Lewis Brent Cross habedashery section to pick up bits for BSG costumes, mainly quick-release clips, and to pick up Kate. The adjourned to the Starbucks/Borders by Brent Cross for a relaxing coffee, sandwich, browse and chat. Very civilised and pleasant way to spend lunchtime. Shame I had to head back home - work to do, alas. Sign of growing obsession - Kate mentioned spotting a new English Civil War book and I knew which one she meant...

Been rather bemused by the recent Thai military coup. Having flashbacks to childhood days when it seemed to be a regular occurence (I can remember a Malaysian newspaper cartoon of tourists in Bangkok lining up to watch the scheduled Changing of the Governments). Still, looks like the Thais are still as civilised about this as ever: seemed to involve less death and disruption than some countries' elections!

Today's weird emails:

  • Prize for most unexpected Birthday greetings: from PA of main client contact back in Manila!
  • Also somehow got an email invitation to the Miss Malaysia Calendar Girl Model Search Beauty Contest, sent to Huh?
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