September 21st, 2006


Another year older...

...and not deeper in debt so I guess that's something.

Yet another rather low-key Birthday. Pretty much a side-effect of getting back from Manila rather close to the date, last year, it was the Provence trip that got in the way. Still, a pleasant enough day - had work to do but met with some guys from the fencing club in the evening. It was actually a farewell drinks thing for Jo but, hey, quite happy to be drinking beer in good company, whatever the occasions! Only concern was the occasional threat to sign Happy Birthday in the pub...

Really must try to organise something next year but Jo's also pointed out I have 2 years to sort out that U-Boat trip for my 40th, a reminder of my mis-reading a poster for the "AU boat trip" (as in Athletic Union) for "a U-Boat trip" Heh. Know which one I'd find more interesting. Only problem is - WTF does one find a submarine for hire? ;-)

Also somewhat amused by the number of organisations that have been sending me email Birthday greetings - even got one nominally in the name of my employers' CEO!

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I succumbed and bought a copy of Legend of the Rangers, just to complete my B5 DVD collection. Have also splashed out and burned Amazon vouchers on the likes of US BSG DVD sets and a book on the New Model Army. At this rate, my English Civil War book collection will start to rival my Vietnam one! Also ordered a copy of the 25th anniversary edition of Flash Gordon to begin researching Ming the Merciless costumes.

Am still feeling awfully tempted by the Aliens Colonial Marines BDUs from Men At Arms and the armour from Spatcave...

Regretably spoiled for choice for Saturday activities. Looks like there's a Starfury pub meet, a LOTNA cross-London treasure hunt and pub meet and an ECW living history display in Covent Garden by Essex's all on the same day. Still, better class of problem, I suppose!
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Too many unread books

That comment about ordering a copy of Cromwell's War Machine and having recently finished reading ARVN (depressing conclusion: the ARVN and hence South Vietnam was doomed from the start by a combination of the US forcing the RVN government to build an army of the wrong sort and larger than the country could sustain and by the RVN government's failure to actually stand for anything beyond "anti-communism"), it dawned on me just how big my unread book pile is getting. Also been meaning to experiment with the poll functionality for a bit, so, anyone care to cast a vote (the list is only a subset of my unread books pile!)? :-)

What book should I read next?

Who Moved My Blackberry? by Martin Lukes and Lucy Kellaway - corporate satire
Rifles, by Mark Urban - history of the 95th Rifles
Stargate Atlantis: Halcyon, James Swallow - yes, Halcyon is indeed by jmswallow! He kindly gave me a copy and has said I get a cameo in it!
Watching The English, by Kate Fox - examination of the rules of English behaviour
Jungle Beat, by Roy Follows - experiences of a Brit in the Malayan Police during the Emergency
Empire Made Me, by Robert Bickers - bio of a British constable in the Shanghai Municipal Police in the 1920s

Other - please specify