September 13th, 2006


Small world

Stopped by at the convenience store at the Tube station on my way in to fence at ULU. I was slightly taken aback when the woman serving me asked if I'd been away recently. With the benefit of hindsight, I suppose if people in Manila restaurants started to recognise me after 3-4 trips, I guess it's not that surprising she'd remember the Chinese guy who comes in regularly with a gert big green fencing bag...

Then, when I got Goodge Street, spotted Mickey on duty at the entrance. Hadn't seen him in years so, even though I was running slightly late, I stopped to have a quick chat.

Last weird coincidence: got talking to Marybelle (?) while we were waiting for a piste to come free to do some epée. I vaguely knew her by sight but hadn't spoken to her much previously. Turns out not only is her mother from the Philippines, she's from Makati City, the area we were staying in!

Fencing itself went reasonably well, given my state of fitness. First bout was against a Royal Navy fencer - was leading 10-6 at one point then ran out of puff and lost 15-13. Sigh. Thought the same was going to happen with Graham - leading 12-7, then fell behind to 14-13 but miraculously pulled off 2 flick hits under the wrist to win by the skin of my teeth!

Yet another sign I'm getting old: was invited by the ULU guys to join them on their social event (Thai food and much beer) on Thursday but I'm currently inclined to go to Saxon to fence instead...
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