August 28th, 2006


(no subject)

Bah. Humbug. It's a Bank Holiday Monday and not only am I not at Detling giving it some welly with the Norfolkes (or the Rolling Thunder Vietnam lot; perfect weekend or what - pikes, muskets and M-16s?!), I have been working today as well.

On the BSG uniform front - so close and yet so far. It got delivered on Sunday (unfortunately, while we were all together working on a presentation document so the others wanted to see it...). Looked fine, except for one thing - the piping on the jacket cuffs only went round the front! Seems they'd mislaid the note where it had been specified it was to go all the way round and it wasn't obvious from the photos... So, it's gone back in to be adjusted. Frak, I'm running out of time but it should be ready with a day or two to spare.

Think I'm starting to develop a Thousand Yard Stare at the prospect of going home.

Hmm... anyone staying at the Thistle for Serenity 3 and willing to let me pre-position costume stuff there to keep the number of trips back to the Sheraton down?