August 25th, 2006

Looi Kin-Ming

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Less than a week to go now. I am SHORT!!!! There does seem to be a strong prospect of follow-on work, much of which would involve me and a return visit but I've also been told I am wanted back in UK by mid- to late-October latest as there's now a UK sales director and things will gear up on the UK business development front. Still, another trip out here would not be unthinkable - it'd let me do that overnight trip to Corregidor for a start ;-)

Tally of fake cannabis plants in the office now stands at 11. Hell, yesterday we found 5 of them in the Executive Area alone! This does beg the question: who started to manufacture plastic weed plants and why?!?

Here we go again: had to review a proposal from a content provider. A provider of, yes, "adult content". Amused by how every category description in their content portfolio finishes off with "world and Czech Top Pornstar galleries comming (sic) soon!"!

BSG uniform's been delayed yet again. Now supposed to be ready on Saturday. Woe betide them if it isn't...

Hoping to get down to Camp Aguinaldo/Camp Crame this Saturday too. Not only is there a couple of police and military museums, it's also the site where the historic EDSA/People Power revolution kicked off. That there's supposed to be shops there which are likely to stock the Special Action Force Nintendoflage I'm after is neither here nor there.

Trying hard not to get too frustrated at the thought of missing the multi-period re-enactment event at Detling this weekend.

Belated thoughts on SG-1's cancellation
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