August 15th, 2006


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Two and a half weeks to go. Time is getting short. Paul and I have thus signed up for a trip to Corregidor this Saturday. I also believe I have contracted a minor cold. Things I didn't expect to be in my job description:

Sunday, Paul and I headed over to Greenhills Mall because it had emerged from focus groups that that was apparently where stolen mobiles end up. It was certainly the case that there did seem to be quite a few clearly non-Philippine phones (branded Vodafone, T-Mobile, Chinese writing on keypads etc)! Somewhat scarier was the gunshop offering special deals on Micro Galils, Baby M-16 conversion kits and *silencers*! WTF?!?

Last night: fell to me to take project teams and senior client out for dinner, to very nice Thai restaurant at Greenbelt called The People's Palace. To be fair, I can think of more arduous tasks.

A while back, we popped into the business centre at the office to see how it worked, how it was staffed etc. We found a massive articial cannabis plant in the customer seating area. We laughed, took a quick picture etc. Then, today, we found two more in the call centre! We did ask the person who ran customer support. Turns out she knew exactly what it was, we've confirmed that smoking and growing pot is illegal but she didn't understand why we found the plants so funny. Starting to wonder just how many fake weed plants there are in the building!

Now got a few leads on where I might be able to get myself a set of that Special Action Force Nintendoflage. Must follow up soon, maybe Sunday.

Been back to the tailors as Paul decided he wanted to make up a suit. Both the uniform and his suit should be ready on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing how both turn out. Also took the opportunity to obtain details of measurements required for Kate. Just praying to the Lords of Kobol I understood them correctly...

Lastly, one for China Beach fans:
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