July 12th, 2006


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Finally got down to ULU to fence last night. Pretty enjoyable. I could definitely see Kate's point about it being too hot to fence but that and Thursday at Saxon will be my last chances to fence for 6 weeks or so so I wasn't going to pass on it, despite being delayed by an overrunning mandatory company-wide conference call.

Bit of a surprise initially when Thom aka Flame-Pattern Converse Boot Girl (looks like I'm not the only one won over by Graham's pitch for ULU) asked me to do foil but I guess we've only met at events where I'd been doing foil. Heh. Still, hard to deny foil entails more actual exercise... Couldn't help noticing a fairly large population of new (to me) epéeists. Had one especially enjoyable bout where I was trailing by 2-4 points most of the way to eventually win 15-14. Most of these guys are way too young and fit though...

Will definitely have to return after I get back from Manila. Nice people too, very encouraging, especially after they learned I was an Imperial (and hence University of London) alumnus which will make signing up a lot simpler. Of course, cheap student union bar prices don't hurt either ;-) Furthermore, post-chucking out time at ULU, everyone simply migrated to a nearby student dive for more drinks and one of them felt it necessary to introduce me to Flaming Sambucas. Fortunately, this place was right by Warren Street station!

Been getting a lot of phone calls lately from people who are apparently Orange-approved dealers all noting my contract is coming up for renewal and wanting to offer me upgrades and loyalty discounts. However, if Orange are going to pass my details on them, they might also want to pass on what phone I'm on as not one of these people has been able to offer me a phone that could in any way be considered an upgrade to my current Nokia 6680! Guess I'll just bug Orange directly when I get back and just ask what sort of deal they can offer me on a N80.

Stumbled across a line today in It's The Song by Chely Wright which caught my attention, especially as I draft up plans to go airsofting at Elite Urban on Saturday with Kate and Simon, then drive straight on to Beltring for much military geekery till probably next Friday evening, then off to Manila Sunday morning, all while trying to keep track on how project prep is going!
Oh, I love what I do
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