July 7th, 2006

Looi Kin-Ming

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Been down in Bristol the last couple of days to meet with one of the client people from the Philippines project who actually down in Somerset and to get things moving with the rest of the team. Unexpectedly, due to a shortage of rooms at hotels with meeting facilities, we ended up at a place which was very much a romantic getaway sort of location! At least it had Wi-Fi Internet access, albeit flakey at times. Quite amused too that the briefings and discussion took in the entertainments available in Manila, as well as all the work/company-related stuff. Sounds like it's going to be a very interesting project. Still damned inconvenient timing though.

Wednesday evening we headed down into Weston-Super-Mare for no better reason than that it was the closest reasonably sized town. I'd been there some years back but only to the Pontins (?) for a Cult TV. Kate's was pretty much spot on about it taking about 5 minutes to explore Weston's attractions but at least we found a suprisingly posh bar/restaurant and piled in for dinner and to watch the France-Portugal match which did actually prove quite entertaining, especially all the shots of the French manager (loved his hand gestures making it clear he thought the Portugese were a bunch of cheating divers!). There was even a group of French people in there who responded favourably to Paul's "Allez les Bleus!"

I get quite amused when he refers to "your country" when talking to me about the UK. He may have been born in Finland, grown up in California and live in France but only one of us is a British subject and that ain't me!

Anyway, after dropping the guys off at Bristol Airport, drove straight off to fencing at Saxon (with a brief stop to pick up Kate as I was passing that way anyway), taking a call en route from someone at my former employers who wanted to pick my brains about licensing in the games industry. Bit cheeky of them given they canned me and all but, quid pro quo, I squeeze research material reports and the like out of them from time to time too! Besides, it relieved the monotony of the journey back to London.

Fencing was pretty enjoyable even if the hall was awfully hot and muggy. My fitness clearly hasn't improved much - one of my opponents said he thought I was going to fall over at one point. He wasn't the only one. Still, I won, albeit narrowly ;-) Still got the feeling at the pub afterwards we haven't really integrated with the Saxon guys yet but at least one of them said he'd put the word that the Poly epéeists (Jo and myself) were back. Briefly in my case. At best, one more night at Saxon before I'm off to Manila.

Got back and, good news: the 60Gb Creative Zen MP3 jukebox I bought off eBay had arrived. Irritating news: the courier left the package by my front door. Bad news: I'd failed to read the item description carefully enough - package did not include a battery! Still, quickly found and bought a couple off eBay which have already been despatched. Still, running it off mains charger and copying MP3s on to it. Oddly, discovered that, in the upgrade/Great Leap Forward, I'd managed to lose my entire T'pau folder! Started re-ripping CDs and then discovered I apparently own 2 copies of the I Will Be With You CD single!

Will probably head down to the Beer and Blake's 7 Pub Meet tonight, especially as I discovered my employers reimburse my expenses by cheque and I thus have a rather large value one I ought to pay in ASAP so I can stop by Citibank en route in. Tomorrow: London Section intermediate epée, foil the day after...

Also need to start prepping for Beltring. Hadn't fully appreciated quite how soon it was until Kate mentioned digging out her sets of DPM...