April 26th, 2006


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Popped down to central London on Monday to
  • Get my 6680 cleaned - no kidding, somehow, loads of dust had accumulated behind the screen! Much to my surprise, Carphone Warehouse said they could do it in an hour or so. They even did a firmware upgrade while they were at it. Screen's much, much clearer now.
  • Met up with Kate to discuss PC upgrade options over a coffee. Conveniently, the spec she's gone for is pretty similar to the one I had in mind for myself, should make ordering and installing easier... We then headed over to Gerry's on Old Compton Street to procure odd alcoholic substances for the weekend's muster at Lulworth. God help me, picked up another bottle of lychee liquer.
  • Then did a bit of wandering round shops - found a copy of Vengeance of Fu Manchu in the world cinema section (!) of Computer Exchange - before collecting the phone and heading home.

Got post from the Blew Regiment. Looks like these guys are serious about recruitment - package included a disc with a Powerpoint slide show and Word forms and documents. Weird thing is these files came to sum total of 80Mb and yet they saw fit to send it to me on a DVD+RW. Oh well, at least I can reuse the disc ;-)

Caught up on Alias Collapse )

Finished Jade Empire Collapse )

Got some paperwork and other admin to fill in for new job. Also got mail asking about availability to spend an initial couple of weeks in Stockholm. Sounds interesting...

Liz seems to be making good progress with Battlestar Galactica. Excellent. Another convert. She's already complained I've addicted her to too many TV programmes.

Need to sew up breeches for this weekend. They've had the tear ever since August when the pike block collapsed on me but have I done anything about it? Hah!

BTW, any advice on picking out a decent ATXv2.2-compliant PSU in the 500W range would be welcome. Alas, my current one's power rating is probably adequate but it's got the old-style 20-pin connector rather than the 24-pin one I'll need for PCIe motherboards/graphics cards.
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