April 23rd, 2006

Norfolke Trayned Bandes

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Fencing again at Saxon. Had fun chatting to Mel and Kate about Civil War re-enactment. On the fencing front, not sure (it's only been two weeks at Saxon) but I'm sure the opposition was tougher when we were there over the Summer. Maybe I've just had a good couple of weeks, they've been off form or maybe fencing twice a week at Poly vs once at Saxon is starting to make a difference. Well, it'll be interesting finding out.

Jo's Birthday drinks at the Marlborough Head. Interestingly Kate B turned up - haven't seen her in months, ever since she joined Accenture. Lots of head shaking about the table as we started trading consulting war stories :-)

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Supermarket run, caught up on Doctor Who and Numb3rs, ordered new Springsteen CD out on Monday and scared myself by costing up desired PC upgrades. Ouch. Also made the bookings for Malta and then discovered half of us seem to go by middle names or variants thereof. Says something when my name seemed to be one of the more straighforward ones...