April 19th, 2006

Looi Kin-Ming

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Surprisingly busy day, given I'm supposed to have stopped working. Started to sort out some long overdue invoices for my last freelance projects, final month's pay, expenses etc. Got slightly alarmed when Mel IM'ed to ask which of us would be going fencing tonight. Fortunately, it was her that had got the day confused, not me!

Spent some time early evening cleaning and sorting out the airsofts. Thankfully, appear to have managed to strip, clean and re-assemble the Tac Master that got dropped in the sand and it seems to be working again (put half a clip through it and all seemed well). Occurs to me it's a shame that the Fire Support guys wouldn't release Dave and Cookie's SA-80 and LSW to me. Those, my own and the one that Simon's left behind so I can take it to Airsoft Armoury for servicing would have made for an impressive photo ;-)

Also been having some email issues too. Seems that my hosting provider has been under some sort of DDoS attack so email's been mostly dead the last couple of days but things now seem to have come back to life. Just hope nothing important's gone astray...

Tomorrow: write up CV for new employers for pitches and proposals, start building new RAID array and transfer all my China Beach episodes, MP3s etc across to it, start seriously speccing out next phase of upgrade process (think I'm fairly clear on what I want but I did also say I'd come up with some options for Kate too by Monday). Must also make Malta bookings...

Now, however, off to do more butt kicking on Jade Empire.
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