April 9th, 2006


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Then headed in to LOTNA meet. Heh. Bit sparsely attended compared with usual but still had a fun evening geeking out about Galactica, V For Vendetta, airsofts, Laser Tag and so on. Got advice from Dave and Tim on fitting a Laser Tag setup into the shell of the broken crappy Academy SA-80 (this crappy Korean AEG was the other route to a SA-80...). Sounds like a fun project, especially as they were keen for me to make Dropzone. Must remember to call Airsoft Armoury though - offered to swap the red dot SUSAT replica from my Academy SA-80 for the plain plastic one on Kate's.
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A pleasantly unproductive day

Popped along to Borders - their 3 for 2 deals are dangerous, picked up Barbarossa by Alan Clark, Easter 1916 by Charles Townshend and Everything Bad Is Good For You by Steven Johnson, finally got round to starting Jade Empire on the Xbox and started planning PC upgrade specs and tasks (biggest issue is migrating 200Gb worth of data, mostly MP3s and China Beach episodes). Sigh. No fencing tomorrow :-(