March 26th, 2006

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Way overdue post on V For Vendetta, cut for spoilers:Collapse )

After investigating some final options, eventually opted to bail on the Norfolkes banquet as I wasn't entirely sure about driving down to somewhere near Bristol and, more importantly, back again while tired and hung over with only the GPS unit for company (as most of the trip would have been on the M4, I wouldn't have got much conversation out of it anyway!) so I headed down to the Starfury pub meet instead and had a lot of fun there, especially discussing the usual stuff, including an awful lot of, yep, BSG...

One interesting thing: at one point I mentioned how a friend told me there'd been an oriental chap at the first SFX con in Blackpool and "everyone thought he was you, matey!" Jo then said she'd met him and that when she said hello, the first thing he said was "I'm not Ming!" Wow.

Still, thinking maybe I should have just driven on down to the banquet anyway...

Also started reinstating some previously retired icons, taking advantage of the slots thanks to LJ's new loyalty slots!
B5 crest


Whoops. Few things I forgot.

Thursday before last - Spotted a post about Blake's 7 music videos in blakes7. Turned out these were the same dimly remembered ones I (in theory) still have on a VHS from Horizon somewhere and the poster was the very same person who'd first created them. All this brought memories especially of videos set to songs by Julia Ecklar, an excellent filk singer.

Back when I first saw those videos, I desperately wanted a copy of her album, Divine Intervention, but in those pre-WWW days, not a hope in Hell. This time round, one quick Google search later and I'd ordered a CD from the publisher who even sent me a link so I could download MP3s while I waited for the CD to arrive! I love the Internet!

In addition, a couple of the songs (Survivor's Song and Lullaby For A Wear World) struck me as emminently suitable for BSG vids too so, as I've gone through rewatching from the start, I've been making notes about scenes which might be suitable. Now, not even at the heights of my B7 and B5 obsessions did I ever consider doing something like this but I do wonder, is that because I'm more obsessed about BSG or just that technology makes it so much easier to do this sort of thing now?

Another thing as I work through the episodes - I'd forgotten the hilarious references by Apollo and Leoben to Starbuck's lack of personal hygiene ("God, you stink!"). Starbuck smells! :-) Not something you see in many other SF programmes :-)

Last Thursday - made it to fencing but a bit of a disappointing evening on the epée front. Jo, Rob, Antony, Alexandra and April were all missing, Graham was only doing foil to prepare for a competition so it was just a few bouts versus Trevor (always a great person to fence though) and Steve (again, always good to fence him as he's left-handed). Hope tomorrow's turnout's better...

Last Sunday - went to one of the Babblings/UK B5 group's now infrequent meets (aka Points). Arrived at the pub wearing my season 4 crew jacket, just in case there was no one I recognised there. Turned out I need not have worried. Eddie spotted me straightaway, as did a few people I didn't recognise - guess it's that token oriental guy thing again.

Now starting to get all sorts of ideas for icons to fill up my unused (23) slots e.g. Blake's 7, something techie, Starbuck, fencing, English Civil War etc