March 13th, 2006


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Spent the weekend down in Horsham with Sally and David. Original plans to do much network gaming were curtailed by ever increasing problems with both David's and my PCs trying to browse and join Internet-hosted games. Looks like Gamespy's infrastructure gets confused if multiple PCs behind the same IP address try to connect. Need to do some more research into this.

Picked up Cossacks on budget but irritated to discover the English Civil War scenarios are multiplayer only. Goddammit!

BSG 2x20 and SG-1 9x-20: Very mild spoilers but you have been warned!Collapse )

Got a new toy: TomTom Bluetooth GPS unit. Feel the need to drive about to give it a good test. Unfortunately, I failed to spot the damned thing didn't come with a mains charger so I had to plug it into the car! One now ordered. I guess I can now start seriously investigating how to create that Peter Tuddenham/Zen custom voice set...
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