March 7th, 2006


(no subject)

Urgh. I ache. Decided to start fencing foil again tonight. Ouch. Amused at how shocked some of the regulars were to see me in a lamé jacket though!

Good news is that we're back up to 3 pistes again. I called Leon Paul this morning to learn that while the new shop was open, they still hadn't finished unpacking and that included the spools. Checked in again later and managed to drop up the 5 broken ones and pick up a pair of new ones around 4.00. Scary thing is the guys there are starting to recognise me...

One amusing thing at the pub - I was wearing a Stargate SG-1 t-shirt and Ash pointed at Daniel and asked my t-shirt had a picture of Miroslav (one of the foilists) on it!