March 4th, 2006

Looi Kin-Ming

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Headed down to the Blake's 7 pub meet last night. Been meaning to do so for a bit but something always came up. Definitely a fun evening - wonderful to see quite a few old familiar faces from Horizon/Who's 7 days as well as more recently from the con and other pub meet circuits. Nice wheat beer too. Really need to look into signing up for Redemption 2007 now.

Ultra Weird Text Messages of the Day:
"Been on Somerset roads for 5 minutes and seen fox roadkill, rabbit roadkill but no badgers as yet!"
"Badgerwatch can now report the sighting of 2 flat badgers"

Leon Paul on my shit list yet again. Despite what they told me last Saturday, the new shop still isn't open yet so my last chance to pick up a pair of spools will be on Monday or we'll be on just the 2 pistes yet again.

Also had the Old Cholmelians fencing match today. Short version, best summed up by Graham: "Match won, food stolen, I'd call that a result"

Longer version: well, the opposition from the school was definitely stronger this year in that there was a halfway decent turnout this time. Still, even so, the school team's strength was still a long way short of the levels I remember. OK, some of the OCs aren't too strong either but people like Toby fence just once a year, at this match. Weird though to walk past School House, my old boarding house - It's been gutted and turned into an arts and design centre. Still, alway nice to go back for the match, catch up with old friends and great especially to see Akos again. There was some discussion about setting up a little competition for his ex-students which sounds like a great idea to me. Photo of Akos and myself:

Rather shocked though, that the boys rushed off and left the master in charge to clear away all the kit afterwards. That would have been simply unthinkable when I was at school! Turned out that he'd ordered in an awful lot of food, most of which was still there so, as last three left, he invited Graham, David and myself to help ourselves so we carried off large quantities of rolls, crisps, chocolate bars, bottled water etc!

Got home and watched BSG 2x19 over dinner. Looks like the finale's going to be a wild ride...