March 1st, 2006


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Hallelujah! My normal mobile number is back in action. So much for Orange's promises to let me know when it was fixed though. Only reason I realised is that I've been switching a phone with my contract SIM on every now and then and, imagine my surprise when I found I had network coverage this afternoon. Still not having much luck getting Orange to tell me what the problem was though, other than that my details were not registered correctly in their systems i.e. exactly what I was first told on Friday. They're still unable to explain how my details became incorrectly registered, given that I've been a customer since 1996 and not registered a new SIM or phone since August last year! Really must do a full market option survey when my contract comes due in August...

Guess I'd better keep the PAYG number running in parallel for a bit, just in case, but main thing is I have my number back!

Urgh. Guess I'd better check over all my paperwork and documentation for the visa interview at the US Consulate tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, all...
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