February 19th, 2006


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Had a fun day yesterday. Met Lucy and Dennis at Forbidden Planet, had fun browsing and geeking out and then headed over to the Shakespeare Head to meet up with the con pub meet guys. Picked up my season 1 B5 DVDs from Heather - I'd given up ever trying to persuade her to try watching them and, with Andreas Katsulas' recent passing away, I felt the urge to rewatch it again from scratch. Otherwise, the usual entertaining mix of beer, Kopparburg and wonderfully geeky discussion.

We then headed out to Chinatown for dinner before heading home to our respective copies of BSG 2x17. Actually, mine had finished downloading just before I'd set out in the morning. Oh, so tempting to stay and watch it... Still, well worth the wait. No spoilers but I thought Captain's Hand was excellent, even by BSG standards. Amusing too to be exchanging impressions by MSN with Dennis immediately afterwards!

Spoke to Judith this morning for the first time in bloody ages. Turns out she's thinking of taking Andrew to Star One as an intro to cons. Hmm... the chances of my going to this one have increased again.

Also now caught up with Life On Mars. Karen had said that, as a Sweeney fan, I'd like this a lot. She was right. I especially love the interaction between Tyler and Hunt and the former's adjusting to the 70s.

The B5 rewatching project has commenced with The Gathering. This may be remastered and re-edited and all that but, by God, Tamlyn Tomita's performance is still truly godawful. I really am not surprised she got replaced... Weird too how both Delenn and G'kar look so much more alien.
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