February 8th, 2006

Looi Kin-Ming

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Met Liz for dinner last night, mainly because the original plan of meeting up at the weekend at Oriental City wasn't going to work, what with me being in Manchester and all. I was rather amused that she made sure to remind me to bring my season 4 Farscape DVDs with me - she'd hired out season 3 using a test offer from Lovefilm over Christmas! We were already discussing what she should try next afterwards. Main candidates were Firefly or Galactica with her leaning, without any influence from me, towards the latter. More than happy to oblige! Otherwise, a most pleasant evening catching up and gossip.

Fnished FEAR. An excellent, very atmospheric game but a bit short and somehow, it didn't seem as hard as the usual standard for PC games. Really need to get back to Quake 4 and figure out why Vietcong 2's setup simply won't run!
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