February 7th, 2006


Keith Prowse and Oyster refund

Weird. Just had a message from Keith Prowse telling me a refund for the princely sum of £1.50 is available for me to pick up to credit to my Oyster card. Just one minor issue - I haven't been anywhere near a Keith Prowse (or any other ticket agent for that matter) since last Summer. Anyone else had one of these messages?

Had a useful and long overdue conversation with Ken about wrapping up my project work so I can start full time at Union Square. About a week and half to do, but one project's pretty much done and dusted, another has maybe a couple more days and then I can bill for them both.

Interesting onboarding call with the US to discuss how it'll work with me being here and all. Main highlights - they will indeed reimburse me for a new laptop. However, as an alternative, as my current laptop probably is up to scratch, "a consideration" could be offered as an alternative. Heh. Could put that towards next main PC upgrade... Best of all, they said they'd send me the expenses template. "What about the timesheet template?" 'We don't use timesheets.' Woohoo!

Fencing last night was a bit disappointing. Due to an admin cockup, they were going to shove us into the small rooms. As it is, we only got half of Fyvie Hall because of all the desks in it. Only got a few bouts in, including a crap one with Rob. Had him at 13-9 at one point and then went on to lose 14-15. I should be shot for that. Left early because it was just too cramped in there. Hell, Kate didn't get round to fencing at all so we adjourned early to the pub...

Hmm... between all the ads I've been receiving recently from people plugging their credit cards ie BA, BMI, Amazon, Sky etc with interesting fringe benefits air miles, points towards monthly subscriptions, I think I ought to start paying more attention instead of sticking with my bog standard Barclaycard just because it's the one I've always had!
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