January 23rd, 2006

Looi Kin-Ming

Two good SG-1 episodes in a row?!?

Wow. Shurely some mishtake... No, really.

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Had that wireless consultancy interview this morning. Seemed OK, not too worried any more. If something develops, all well and good. They did ask if I had any problems with flying out to Stockholm for a further round, if required. Did they really need to ask? ;-)

Weird observation: since getting back from Australia, I've been listening to examples of Australian country music, both CDs I picked up there and stuff I've downloaded. There seems to be two very distinct strains: one is very clearly Australian, both in terms of accent and song content (references to utes, the Outback, drovers etc), the other pretty much indistinguishable from American on both counts. As my sister commented about a Beccy Cole we played en route from Sydney to Melbourne: "Just give her a Green Card already!"
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