January 22nd, 2006


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Had another chat with the chap in America, ironed out remaining substantive issues, including a 5% boost to basic salary to make up for the fact that they don't do pension contributions.

Agent for the other guys came back to say they don't think they have a suitable slot for me at present.

Guess I'll be taking that first offer then. I'll still go to the interview tomorrow. If anything actually develops out of it, I'll worry about it at the appropriate time. It'll be a better class of problem.

Pub meet:
Much fun geeky gossip as usual at the Shakespeare Arms, pear Kopparburg appears to have become even more of a staple drink. And at least partly because I used to drink the stuff when I worked in Helsinki! Was amused to discover I make an appearance in Jim's Atlantis novel. Seems I'm a scientist requesting a transfer to the Battlestar Galactica aka the Daedalus :-)

There was also some discussion about Star One, a Blake's 7 convention. I think I'm increasingly tempted...

One potentially amusing thing: Some of us on Ragnar Anchorage had been discussing a London pub meet. Put names to faces etc. I'd nominated the Shakespeare Head (along with the Horseshoe Inn (LOTNA venue)) on the basis that it's central and is accustomed to a bunch of fans showing up. We'd settled on Feb 18th as the date. And then at the end of the evening, Jo mentioned the next pub meet will be... Feb 18th. Could be interesting...

Observations on recent SG-1, SG:A and BSG (no major spoilers)

I'd started BSG 2x13 (Epiphanies) downloading before heading off to the pub and, of course, had to watch it as soon as I got home. Wonderful stuff yet again. Some iffy-sounding science but nothing I couldn't live with.

SG:A's still proving watchable but not especially brilliant. Competent but unspectacular.

Now, I was a week behind on my SG-1 but decided to put it on anyway. What a surprise. It was actually rather good. Is it a coincidence that it was a standalone episode, involving neither the Ori nor the Jaffa? ;-)
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