January 20th, 2006

ARVN Ranger

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Went round to Leon Paul yesterday to put the epée in for rewiring, pick up Kate's "left-handed" body wires and an epée blade for one of the club weapons. While I was there, I got boxed in by a Bentley. Still, if it's going to happen, it might as well be by a classy car. Fortunately, the chap was only in to swap out a sabre blade and moved it straight away.

Stopped by at Tottenham Court Road en route to fencing to pick up comics. In particularly, I'd missed an issue of the Captain Atom limited series but then discovered (afterwards) I'd missed an issue of Uncanny X-Men as well. Happens when you go away for a month or so, I guess. However, I'm sure comic shops used to be better stocked with recent back issues. Guess they've improved their stock control... Suppose I'll have to try Mega City on the way in to the pub meet tomorrow.

Fencing itself was much more satisfactory than on Monday. Comfortably beat Trevor and even beat Rob 15-14 and even led most of the way in that bout. Also had a couple of visitors from King's, both of whom did epée, not that I had much choice as Jo grabbed my foil lamé for the Plymouth Open and she wasn't there. Always good to fence new people but I was rather anxious about fencing the first one, Alexandra, as I'd spotted the CAN (for Canada) letters on her lamé but looks like she's more of a foilist. The other, April, proved more challenging. Very good angulation which tended to defeat my favourite attack, flicking under the hand. Still, suspect she hasn't been doing epée too long as she tended to be very apologetic if she hit me even moderately hard!

I was also rather amused at her difficulty in grasping just how old I was :-) and somewhat taken aback when she asked if I was in the OTC because she spotted me drinking from a military waterbottle. I refrained from explaining why I had one (never a good idea to scare off new guys till we have their membership fees ;-)) but, thinking about it, she a) spotted the waterbottle straight away b) she called it a "canteen" c) brought up the OTC. There also does seem to be a strong correlation between fencing and interest in military matters. Hmmm... might have to follow up this discussion with her if she comes back!