January 14th, 2006

BSG dogtag

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Just finished watched Battlestar Galactica 2x12, Resurrection Ship part 2. All I say for now is wow. A chap starts running out of different superlatives to use after a while. Better class of problem, I guess.

The set of Colonial rank pips I bought off eBay also arrived this morning. Only Lieutenant JG ones but they'll do. The set did come with a set of wings so I now have two of those... Still, now have wings, rank pips, dog tags, blaster. Still need to do something about the actual tunic itself though!

Ragnar Anchorage is also starting to eat up a lot of my time, particularly since I got appointed as a Cadet on there (or did I get promoted because I was hanging round there a lot?). Anyway, BSG obsession much?

May have to miss fencing again on Monday - more this happens, the more painful it'll be when I finally resume. My interviews from Friday got shunted because one of the guys I was to see missed a flight. It's been moved to Monday late afternoon. Going to be busy: already had an interview for another position earlier in the afternoon. Second guy I was to see Friday will apparently be in touch at some point to see if we can arrange to meet to. On top of this, guy from the US will be calling Sunday evening to discuss refinement of their job offer and actual logistics of starting up in the UK.
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