January 11th, 2006


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Back in London. Flew in via Singapore last night. Flight wasn't too bad apart from being in a middle seat due to a full flight. That and that I didn't get too much sleep because SIA has installed an advanced on-demand entertainment system, even in peasant class, with lots of choices of films, albums, TV etc. Finally got round to seeing Fantastic Four (rather glad I didn't pay to see this...), Myth (amazing: recent Jacky Chan film that not only doesn't suck ass but was rather good, can't be a coincidence that it's a Chinese, not a Hollywood film!), Seven Swords (Chinese sword film, impressive action, slightly incoherent storyline) and most of Man on Fire (didn't finish it before landing due to need for sleep catching up on me!).

Pointless observations on airline cutlery in this post-9-11 age:
  • Thai, London-Bangkok: all plastic
  • Thai, Bangkok-KL: all metal, including knife
  • MAS, KL-Melbourne and back: plastic knife, rest metal
  • SIA, KL-Singapore: plastic knife, rest metal
  • SIA, SIngapore-London: all plastic

My dislike of Heathrow Terminal 3 grows. Somehow, they managed to run out of ******* trolleys last night! Biggest terminal at the world's busiest airport and they failed to have enough trolleys available! An enormouse queue grew as staff brought them in 3-4 at a time.

First act on getting home, needless to say, was fire up my PC and start downloading BSG 2x11. Collapse )

Gah. No fair. Woke up this morning: it was cold and I can't go around in shorts and t-shirt! Up to eyeballs in work again, typing this while document prints off. In the meantime, one chap wants to discuss fine-tuning offer letter and setting up UK office, got interviews on Friday and Monday and I need to unpack and catch up with domestic chores like laundry and restocking the fridge...

Norton Firewall also seems to have had a fit. For some reason it's started blocking Mailwasher Pro only on my main PC. All other apps still running fine. Config panel shows it's supposed to have full access. Any attempts to modify or remove entry for Mailwasher causes config panel to crash. Odd...

Next few weekends looking to be busy: LOTNA this weekend, London con pub meet next weekend, probably Horsham weekend after: David is keen to show off his Xbox 360, iPaq and GPS toys!

Oh, and thanks to Sally, the Lib-Dem leadership race and a BBC article, the whole Robert Menzies/"Ming" thing is now much clearer. I guess it would have been more obvious if he'd been occasionally referred to in the episodes of Vietnam I've seen so far by name rather than just "Prime Minister" and "Ming"!

Australian silliness

A few things I spotted in Australia, courtesy of my trusty Nokia 6680. Thumbnails to Photobucket images:

Memorial at St Kilda Beach to Royal Australian Navy minesweepers: "As they sow, so shall we sweep"!

The Nudie N'ice ice lolly

Not sure how my parents would react if they heard me asking for a Golden Gaytime...

Hate to think what Ronald did to desrve this!

Must be one of the best restaurant (or should that be rastaraunt?) names ever

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