December 15th, 2005

Looi Kin-Ming

Year review meme

Stolen from andromakie as I'm seriously jetlagged. Don't imagine tomorrow's (more like tonight's) flight to Melbourne will help. Another sign I'm getting old. Used to be able to adjust to jetlag with minimal trouble...

First line from the first post of every month this year.
  • January - Testing out set of Doom-based mood icons I started tinkering around with last night...
  • February - Well, looks like the Lords of Kobol did indeed hear my prayer.
  • March - Long, very personal, rambling reflection on Babylon 5 season 5:
  • April - Dumb things a chap could do:
  • May - No actual posts this month. Closest is last entry for April: A friend's only just recently got round to watching Firefly and has now registered for Serenity.
  • June - Yes, I know I've gone an extraordinarily long time without posting anything.
  • July - Short version: Had a great week of fencing, World War II and Knights Hospitaller geekery and much quaffing of Maltese wine and beer.
  • August - Made the trek up to the English Civil War Society muster at West Acre, near King's Lynn today.
  • September - Tagged by psmorrison (first time I've ever been tagged, I believe)
  • October - Asking on behalf of Kate: Has anyone got a copy of last Monday's episode of Waking The Dead, ideally in some sort of digital format (AVI, MPEG, DVD-R etc)?
  • November - Not a good night at fencing last night.
  • December - The weekend's alcohol intake probably rivalled a con's but without the guest talks to recover in.
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