December 9th, 2005

Looi Kin-Ming

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Bit of a shit night last night at fencing, really. Especially disappointing as that was my last chance to fence before Christmas and New Year. Basically, with end of term approaching, attendance was poor. No Jo, Rob or Antony hence distinct lack of epéeists to fight. Sarah found herself in same boat with respect to sabreurs and to give her credit, she was inclined to try epée whereas I was severely disinclined to go back to sabre. However, my epée started misbehaving and there was only one working club epée available. Sigh. Must a) take that epée in to Leon Paul and b) check if my other epée has been fixed.

So, apart from a lesson, I spent most of the evening doing armourer-type things, fixing various people's iffy body wires. One minor highlight - Sarah had been doing some assignment on the Vietnam war, recalled I'd been looking for a book on the history of the ARVN (South Vietnamese Army), came across something possibly suitable and was just telling me about this when she got called for a lesson. Gah! Still, I then got called for one too and, somewhat embarassingly, needed to be reminded by Kate that I needed to talk to Sarah about the ARVN book. In the end, she couldn't recall the title but took down my email so she'll hopefully mail me the title.

One bit of good news: one of my prospective employers has given some very strongly positive feedback to the agent and indicated they'd like to take me on for a 3-6 month contract-to-permanent position so they can figure out which of several slots I'd fit into best. Sounds good to me... Just got to get past an "informal" phone call with their UK country manager this afternoon first.