November 1st, 2005


(no subject)

Not a good night at fencing last night. Got a good kicking from Graham. Sigh. Hande also took great delight (if that's the right word) in showing me a massive bruise on her arm that I allegedly delivered. We definitely need some of those spools back from repairs. Way too frustrating running on just two pistes.

Nice to be needed: handed Kate copies of Scarecrow & Mrs King season 1 for a friend she's seeing this weekend. I mentioned that, regretably, my next DVD job was burning Atlantis episodes (for tlanti) and she muttered that I could always burn her more episodes of My Parents Are Aliens. Jeez. Atlantis or My Parents Are Aliens. What a choice... Still, have started playing around with menu design ideas for the big China Beach DVD project.

Had that interview with for the technical expert role in a R&D Tax Credits group. Kind of nice, actually, normally I have to be very careful about not coming across as too techie. Here, it seemed the more evidence of being a software and general technology geek, the better, it seemed. Ah well, we'll see.

Good news: Jo's found tour dates for the Levellers. Bad news: only one in London is after I head off to Malaysia/Australia. :-(