October 23rd, 2005

Looi Kin-Ming

Goodies... Goody Goody Yum Yum...

Saturday morning:
What a waste of time. I was supposed to meet Rob at University of Westminster at 10.30 to pick up broken spools and take them to Leon Paul for repair. Only, he'd forgotten to make arrangements for access to the armoury - required on weekends. Still it was a chance to chat to Rob for a change instead of trying to hit him with an epée. And I had no compunctions about letting him get me a drink or two in recompense for dragging me down to the armoury needlessly! Also ended up checking out comic and book shops instead. So, maybe not a total waste of time then :-) Ah well, guess I'll just have to carry in a couple of big empty bags into fencing on Monday.

Kate had obtained tickets to a recording of a special programme on the Goodies and, somewhat to my surprise, offered me one on Thursday, especially as I gather she had potential takers for all 4 tickets she'd got. It'd been a while since I'd watched any but I remembered it fondly so I thought, what the Hell, why not? Heh. Even downloaded an episode to refresh my memory.

Original plan was to meet at 4 for beers but I got an SMS saying she was running ahead of schedule and heading to the pub. 1 hour 5 seconds ahead of schedule. So much for my plans for supermarket run to restock fridge - headed out straight away to Waterloo and managed to get a bit lost trying to find the pub.

Had a pleasant time there chatting and sampling random German and Belgian beers. When I mentioned Marwan's Runaround games from Galactica One, she decided that would be a great thing to try at a muster ("What date was the battle of Marston Moor?" etc), only it'd have to be called Runaroundhead! Much groaning on my part... Mention was made once more about her PC needing urgent attention - had to point out once more that the issue is not my diary/availability but hers. Actually, speaking to my mother on the phone this morning and she too has said her PC is unwell and I can sort it out when I fly in to KL. Nice to be so popular...

A few of Kate's friends then joined us and we headed off to the studio. The programme itself was pretty interesting. Had the three principals there, talking about The Goodies, lots of clips. Thought it might have worked better if it had been less scripted though - some of the most interesting stuff were the things they were chatting about off-camera. Oh, and the warm-up guy was seriously shit. Hell, I was more amused at his inability to amuse us than anything else... Also, very interesting listening to Kate and her colleagues muttering about what the people in the studio were doing wrong! Anyway, it'll be out on BBC2 on one of the Christmas days.